Assassin’s CREED III

Posted: August 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
Assassin's Creed III


The Caribbean Sea is beautifully rendered.

The Hidden Secrets pack for Assassin’s creed III (PC version)
After a few hours of entering Ubisoft codes and trying to get this DLC to work, I finally found a fix on the Steam forums with users having the same issue. Then I had a problem with the missions not appearing on the map until I went back and replayed a specific sequence. Yet another example of DRM hurting legitimate consumers and doing nothing to stop piracy. (To be fair, the Uplay interface isn’t as bad as it used to be.) Speaking of piracy, The missions in this DLC pack are mostly naval-based missions which are in my humble opinion one of the strongest parts of the game. They could have just called it “Sailor’s creed” and I’d have been cool with it.

The Lost Mayan Ruins
The first mission takes you to an island called Cerros with an ancient Mayan temple for you to “explore”, or more like “linearly run through”. The level is well designed and melt-your-brain gorgeous, a breath of fresh air from the bland architecture of colonial Boston. However it’s essentially just a jumping puzzle during which Connor mutters things to himself. It’s also extremely short. When it was over I was thinking “seriously, that’s it?” At least add a naval battle. Or they could have had Connor escape the collapsing ruins to flesh it out a tiny bit. The sword you receive as a reward for completing the mission is pretty damn cool looking, so I guess all is forgiven.

A Dangerous secret
This consists of a single naval mission during which you must destroy the HMS Dartmoor. As I said earler, I have a fondness for the naval battles in Assassin’s creed III. There is just something about the crashing of the waves, the sound of cannon fire and the cheers of your crew when you down an enemy vessel. That awesome feeling you get when you time a volley just right. It’s visceral and honestly exhilarating at times. The reward for completing this mission is a unique flintlock musket and a new paint job for your ship.

The Ghost of War
More of the same, really. A two part naval mission revolving around some mystery cargo being held by the HMS Windermere. You sink a couple ships, secure the cargo, stop the Templar plot, and you get some pretty outfits for Connor to wear. It also adds some new skins to the multiplayer aspect of the game which I have yet to even try.

Final impression? Meh. The Hidden Secrets pack is priced at $4.99 which I feel is reasonable. The DRM issues were definitely a drawback. I would only recommend this pack to the die-hard fans of this series. Casual players aren’t missing much.

-Spencer “SpenceNaz” Larson


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